Home Press Release The U.S. Government’s International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) has provided the Superhumans Center with million in insurance against military risks.

The U.S. Government’s International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) has provided the Superhumans Center with $25 million in insurance against military risks.

19 February 2024

The Superhumans Medical Center, which provides free services in prosthetics, rehabilitation, reconstructive surgery, and psychological support to those injured in war, has received political risk insurance valued at $25 million from the U.S. Government’s International Development Finance Corporation (DFC).

This political risk insurance from the DFC will assure private donors of the security of their contributions. Superhumans is a non-profit organization without government funding, while all clinic services are completely free for patients. The trust of a powerful partner, the American government agency, will enable Superhumans to expand and assist a greater number of Ukrainians.

Scott Nathan, the CEO of DFC, commented on the agreement: “DFC provides a solution for the critically urgent needs of Ukraine – insurance against political risks. In collaboration with the private sector, we are building investor confidence in areas where it is most needed and mobilizing capital to strengthen Ukraine’s economy in the future. I am proud that DFC offers such vital support to the Superhumans center, as this organization helps the injured and embodies the resilience and strength of the Ukrainian people during this devastating war.”

According to Philipp Grushko, co-founder of Superhumans, it is an honor for the project to be a DFC client for political risk insurance. “The center has been operating since April 2023 and will soon open a reconstructive surgery department. For our partners, donors, and patients, this is a significant event demonstrating that in a warring Ukraine, it is possible to secure one’s investments, thus contributing to the reconstruction without waiting for the war to end. We are proud to be the pioneers in such an important initiative for Ukraine with such a reliable partner.”

Political risk insurance from a strong American partner is a critically important market signal that investors and donors have reasons to trust Ukrainian public organizations and businesses. DFC is one of the few organizations with a unique resource to provide political risk insurance to Ukrainian enterprises and charitable organizations during the war. The company also provides debt financing, equity investments, and technical assistance for development. DFC’s total portfolio in Ukraine exceeds $1 billion.

“This DFC decision provides support for both international and Ukrainian investors, demonstrating that implementing projects in Ukraine is not only possible but also supported,” commented Yulia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of Ukraine. “It is extremely important that Superhumans received such insurance. This center is of immense significance, as here Ukrainians restore their physical and psychological health,” concluded Yulia Svyrydenko.

The Superhumans Center is a modern clinic offering prosthetics, rehabilitation, reconstructive surgery, and psychological support for military and civilian war victims in Ukraine. “Superhumans” is a non-profit enterprise, with all clinic services free for patients.

The center is funded by donors and partners. The first “Superhumans” Center was opened in April 2023 near Lviv, Ukraine. The center plans to expand into other regions of Ukraine soon. The project was initiated by Ukrainian businessman Andriy Stavnitser. www.superhumans.com

The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is an American government financial institution. DFC collaborates with the private sector and finances the most challenging issues that companies face in dynamic environments. The agency invests in various economic sectors, including energy, healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, finance. DFC’s operations adhere to high standards and are implemented with respect for the environment, human rights, and workers. www.dfc.gov